"I believe we are the people of the body. A body that becomes a temple of pleasure and our truth system. I hold space to move from the inside to the outside within my processes, from the skin to the lungs, to understand the organic nature of ideas that question the human condition. How to surrender to what is? How to make oneself become available for research?

 I perform and create works that call for collaboration, and through a merge of various forms of art such as music, text and drawings, the body becomes a vessel of our innermost desires, fears, and ecstasies. To be our pure selves, that is why I am on this Earth as an artist."

 Andrea Soto is a Mexican-American freelance dancer, creator, and collaborator based in Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Dance at California Institute of the Arts, where she has had the honor to study with renowned choreographers, and to create alongside musicians, filmmakers, animators, among other artists. She aims to research the spectrum of textures and abstract emotions through her body, by exploring the infinite ways of embodying intentions, words, and feelings, filled with expansiveness and significance.